the Florida pole & aerial arts showcase


The Florida Pole & Aerial Arts Showcase promotes awareness for pole fitness and aerial dance as an art form and alternative fitness.

This exciting event will feature pole dancers, aerialists, burlesque dancers, hula hoop dancers, contortionists and more! Come support the performing arts community and view an extraordinary display of strength, dance and artistry.

Performers of every skill level, age (18+) and gender will be able to express their artistic and athletic abilities and take the stage to perform before family, friends, and the performing arts community.

This event will be held at the Plaza Live Theater located in downtown Orlando on Saturday, October 13th, 2012.

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An event
designed to educate, edify, amaze and uplift

a dazzling vaudeville display of artistry and athleticism

Saturday october 13th 2012
at the 
plaza live theater
orlando, florida